Bedrooms are our personal and intimate space


Bedrooms are our personal and intimate space that we don’t want to show off in the “public”. Regardless of the season, winter or summer, your bedroom should have a warm and cozy feeling. Because of that, you have to give it a little bit more attention and make some changes.

            Black and white are endless and never ending trend, whether that is for your outfit or home decoration. But, if you add a third color of that duo, you will have perfect trio. For that matter, you can choose your favorite color, but for this case, that color is pink and it is sensational.

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            What’s nice is that you can mix and match colors so each piece in a set can be a different color. There is nothing more beautiful when you add a little bit fun, modern and sophisticated style to your home.

            In this picture we have just pink pillows, but if you want, you can add more elements in that color. You can make some big changes like painting the wall in pink or many shades of pink, or you can just make it like here in the picture, black and pink.

            If you don’t want to take huge steps and paint the walls, you can aim the attention to the other elements. For example the hang lamps, the linens, the chandelier, or even the rugs can be pink. But, don’t forget that you have to make a good contrast of the colors, and not to dominate just one color.

            Since the bedroom is your space, you can do a countless things just to make it more warm and welcoming.

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