Blinged Stethoscope, perfect for doctor or nurse

Blinged Stethoscope. We all know how visits to the doctor usually go, we have all been there even though we would much rather not have been. Anyway, sometimes doctors and nurses use some instruments we don’™ really understand or even know the names of, however, there is one instrument we all are used to, we have all seen it sometimes and maybe even used it. An instrument so popular it is pretty much the presentation card of a doctor or nurse, we are talking of course of the Blingedstethoscope.

The stethoscope is an acoustic medical instrument meant for auscultation, which is to say that it is made for listening to the internal sounds of the body, whether for checking the circulatory, respiratory and even the gastrointestinal system. Believe it or not, this instrument was invented over 200 years ago, of course, it was very different than the ones we are used to nowadays, but hey, that’s not what we are here for right?

Since we are talking about this cute blinged stethoscope, let’s see what are some things to keep in mind when choosing a new stethoscope, this is mainly if you’re a nurse:

It is an investment

As you might have experienced, most hospitals you work on will require nurses to have their one stethoscope, this is for many reasons we are not going to discuss here, but it is important to remember. Knowing this, you already have to know one important thing, stethoscopes are not all that cheap sometimes, so it means you will want to invest in something good, and also something that lasts for three main reasons:

  • Convenience: As mentioned before, stethoscopes are an extension of your senses when doing a check on a patient. It is important to have the right tools at hand for the job
  • Comfort: As a nurse, you have probably used more than a couple stethoscopes in your career, and after trying a few you will soon realize one not-so-spoken issue within the stethoscope world: comfort! Some of the lower quality stethoscopes can be even painful to the ears, making them harder to use, you have to choose the right one for you, not all stethoscopes are for everyone
  • Quality: It goes without saying that in the medical field, you always need quality equipment. It can make the difference between a nice spot-on diagnose, and a far fetched one. You need a stethoscope you can depend on emergencies as well as in everyday checks.

The reason we did not mention the price is that, as we said a few times now, it is important to invest in something good for you that can resist a lot of use. Now, back to the product we are talking about, this blinged stethoscope…

Who is it for?

Blinged Stethoscope It is mainly for the new nurse or doctor, just starting fresh her career. You have to keep in mind that it does not look very professional, so it would be an issue if you’re trying to cause a good first impression, on the other hand, there are so many types of nurses and only so few different looks in normal stethoscopes, you might really stand out using this one, but it would be really you.

Some nurses claim that so many pearly blings and such can interfere with the sound quality, however, this is mostly true for cheaper quality bling stethoscopes. However, keeping in mind how hard it can be to keep all those blings sterilized it would be better for someone like a first aid school nurse, or maybe the first look in pediatric hospitals. We can not recommend it over some of the higher quality equipment, but rather as a novelty item.

That being said, it is an excellent gift for the nurse in your life, whether it is your partner or family member, they will surely appreciate such a cute instrument in their inventory, and can even use it as a decoration.

The perfect Blinged Stethoscope for emergencies should be made of the highest quality materials, and be easy to sterilize and keep clean, so if you are an emergency doctor or nurse, go for the more “professional looking” stethoscopes. If you are a first aid nurse or school nurse, it will look really good on you and it will do its job nice enough for your needs.

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