Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2019

Fashion Trends

Being up to date and wearing the clothes that are in the latest fashion, has been fundamental for virtually all women, regardless of age, race or culture. We all want to be fashionable and look pretty, or not? Therefore, in view of the fact that the best season of the year is here, we bring you the Fashion Spring Summer 2019 trends, where you will find all the clothes, accessories and footwear you need to look and feel good. But who said that fashion is only for women, men also have an important place in the world of fashion. So we also have a dedicated section for them.

However, it is always a little more complicated with women, since they always have the need to feel beautiful, so many brands and stores have turned to the impetuous and arduous task of pleasing these tastes so varied and demanding. Because pleasing a woman is not something so simple, imagine the fact of being able to please them all.

We are many who yearn for summer. Or spring. Or at least some warm days in the next calendar. The inspiration for the spring summer 2019 season brought to us by the fashion references of the northern hemisphere transports us directly for a few seconds into the heat.

We dream of high temperatures, wide dresses, and flat sandals. With flowered fabrics and straw hats. We still have some weeks to plan the wardrobe of the season; to determine what stays and what goes. What we lack and what we will love during the next months.

Fashion Trends

Like every summer, the rules in fashion change and the tendencies to face the heat are renewed. Brands and designers who are icons of fashion and who mark innovative proposals in the world, launched their trends for summer and here you will know what you should start using.

When summer comes, things get complicated in terms of styling. Because the looks become more minimalist, they are completely downloaded from accessories and it is difficult to make a difference. However, it is not necessary for many of the layers, impossible prints or heels that resent the heat.

This does not mean that we have to follow all the new trends that appear. Run to buy seasonal clothes, footwear, and accessories just because they are fashionable. We just have to learn to feel fashion, immerse ourselves completely in it and create our image according to our own style. And just say ‘Yes’ to those trends that represent us and complement our Style.

White is the new black

Black and white are the perfect trend for summer. Parade of Balmain, Valentino and Fendi bet on simple looks that work for any season. Despite the colorful patterns that are common this season, black and white balance the scales that give that touch of elegance and luxury to summer. Entire outfits of black white will never fail for summer.

If the total look in black is the infallible wild card for those days when we do not know what to wear; white replaces it in summer. Because it is much fresher, but also helps to create very relaxed, delicate and feminine styles. The dress in total white is the simplest formula to know how to dress well in summer. But it’s not the only one: cotton shirts, shirts, shorts, skirts … everything is dyed nuclear white.

Give me a dress and I will move the world

If there is a star garment that we never lack in our suitcase or summer wardrobe is the dress. Especially this season, in which the most elaborate and beautiful designs have flooded the stores. Prints, ruffles, puff sleeves and a lot more details that make it the absolute protagonist of our look. Get one of those and you will not need more to succeed.

Summer and dresses, it’s very normal this season and it does not have much of an innovation. However, this 2019 style has a transformation with the square neckline, which will radically change the upper garment in order to achieve that style ‘countryside’ or ‘medieval’.

Fashion Trends

Turn up the volume to color

Do not be afraid to pass neutral colors for a few months, because summer is to be seen up to color. We take this 2019 the most saturated tones are the kings of street style to inspire us: oranges, yellows, fuchsias and pastel shades like sky blue are mixed with basic clothes to mark style in technicolor mode. You can wear it both in clothes and shoes and accessories. Even, you will see all the tones together in prints, which will give your looks a more attractive and fun style.

Why choose a color or pattern when you can take them all together? Next spring our garments will be filled with blocks of color and prints mixed together. The result is more beautiful than you might think.

The hat is the icing on the cake

The accessories have an enormous power when it comes to defining and improving styling. But in summer when the heat tightens, less is always better. Perfect, because you will not need cascades of jewels, scarves around the neck or fill your hands with rings. In fact, all you need is a good straw hat or cloth that protects you from the sun and shows that you know how to dress well in summer.

Those of this season are light textures, such as braids, straw or raffia, and are well contrasted with other textures such as denim, crochet, lace, embroidery and even leather. The models are many and varied: wide-brimmed and XL size, colonial, canotiers, lamp, XL visor, Provencal, pamela, fedoras, chupalla, Panama, prokpie … and come simple or decorated with bows, pompoms, ribbons, handkerchiefs, snails, beads, and all kinds of accessories, even with embroidered phrases or sequins.

Showing the abdomen: so do it girls

The fashion of the crop-tops may not be for anyone. At least that’s how early when we see Emily Ratajkowski with a cropped shirt showing every inch of her torso. But there are many ways to show off your abdomen this season, even if it’s just a subtle cut-out that leaves a centimeter of skin in the air. Play with it, it is sexy, summery and gives many extra points to your style.

To look fresher and boho chic, blouses with knots are the trend that was needed in summer. This small informal detail brings a stylized structure and fits well with everything. The exception to the rule would come from the hand of Zara. His bandeau topped with a bow reminds us irretrievably of another decade. Whether because of its bright blue color and its iridescent effect fabric or the literalness of its huge bow – rather more typical of Madonna’s touring costumes than any Marilyn look – the fact is that the 80’s touch and the glam airs are incontestable. Whichever inspiration you choose, the slogan is clear: the cropped top of the summer of 2019 has a tie and is undoubtedly much more sophisticated

Fashion Trends

Straw, jute and esparto will cover your back

These materials with such an organic look have the superpower to turn any style into a summer one. It does not matter if we talk about jeans, a trouser suit or even a knit sweater. Put a good bag of straw XL and will be fully adapted to mark style in these months that lie ahead.

They are the most traditional! In addition, this type of material allows the designs to be as varied as possible; from the simplest to the most worked. There is something for everyone. Although this trend of spring-summer 2019 sounds much stronger than previous years, you find it available in any season.

Fashion Trends

Denim, never fails

The fabric that accompanies us in each and every one of the seasons of life, claims its leadership position and becomes integral. In the Fashion Trends Spring-Summer 2019 season you will take it from head to toe and without fear. Actually, the most fashionable denim shirt of the moment you will wear with your jeans.

With the return of the 70s, the main fabric in summer is denim or denim, which vindicates its leading position in summer. The denim will accompany this season from head to toe and will be complemented by a denim shirt. Another of the textures that will most be seen in summer is leather and brands such as Acné Studios, Valentino and Miu Miu will transform all women into fatal femmes to wipe out the season.

Fashion Trends

Cycling leggins

It is one of the most controversial trends but, over time, it is adapting very well to all kinds of styles. Cycling-inspired tights combine with everything you have in your closet and to wear them you just have to get used to them.

It seems that the madness of including cycling pants (purely sporting garment) in our day to day, will continue very current throughout 2019. Today can be combined with almost any garment: a jacket, a complex cut shirt, an elegant tunic, a sequined vest or a bomber. Even an evening look with cyclist tights is also possible.

Fashion Trends

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