Social networks have meant a before and after in the world of social relations and communication on a small and large scale. Millions of people around the world live daily immersed in this world of which many of them have found the perfect business and an enviable way of life in many cases.

With the arrival of social platforms like Instagram the term blogger has spread like wildfire, but it was already. Many of the girls who started with their blog years ago and became a reference in style and fashion have made their social networks their showcase of new trends. With millions of followers behind them, they are observed in detail, everything they look is exhausted, the campaigns are raffled and their presence on the most important international fashion shows is essential.

In this post, we show you the 10 most influential bloggers in the world. The 10 girls most in demand by clothing and cosmetics firms. Do not miss it!


The Italian, who inherited her passion for fashion and photography from her mother, started her blog TheBlondeSalad.com in 2009 when it was not yet a well-known platform. Currently, Chiara has more than 16 million followers on their social networks.

He collaborates with large textile companies, appears on the covers of the best fashion magazines, attends the most international media events and is now creative in his line of shoes designed 100% in Italy. Chiara has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the most influential people in the world of fashion.


Alexandra Pereira is the person who is behind Lovely Pepa. This Galician Law graduate parked the laws to devote herself to what she liked best, fashion. He started with his blog in 2009 becoming a benchmark in Spain to become known years later throughout the world.

Its presence is required in the front rows of the most desired designers. His travels around the world captivate his followers and his collaboration with prestigious fashion firms make him stand out in the blogger world. Currently has more than 1 million followers on their social networks.


Aime Song is an interior designer and lives in Los Angeles. He started with his blog Song of Style in 2008. In it he captured everything he loves, fashion and decoration, including post about ideas and DIY decorations. His success increased as the foam, as well as his number of followers that already exceed 5 million.

Their outfits are the most applauded. With a very chic and elegant point, Aime dares everything and what she looks becomes a trend among her followers. Follow her and you will love her looks and her day today.


If there is an influencer par excellence that is all a claim for the fashion firms due to its elegance and good taste that is Olivia Palermo. Known for its influence on high society New York and for being one of the most famous girls in the world.

Olivia debuted when celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan published several of her photographs at events the girl attended. In 2007 she was a New York Magazine cover as one of New York’s most influential girls, at which point her career skyrocketed.

It has dozens of collaborations with large international firms and is assiduous to all the most relevant parades and events, and its 6 million followers make it one of the most recognized worldwide. He has even participated in programs and television series.

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My kind of safari ? ⁣ ⁣ ?: @lucassomoza

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Jessica Stein in the architect of this blog with which he debuted in 2011 and today is one of the most followed. Her impressive trips and the landscapes that appear in her photos make her one of the most followed with 2.5 million followers on her social networks.

He has traveled half the world although he says that Asia and Africa are new destinations to explore in-depth. Fashion and travel together in a blog that can inspire you with the best outfits in dream places.


Of the most veteran bloggers in the world, Gala González is the niece of designer Adolfo Domínguez. He opened his blog in 2007 and since then his career has grown by leaps and bounds.

I study design in London and work as a creative director. He collaborates in large projects related to the world of fashion and organizes product launches, also has a clothing line of his own. A life of the most chic that shows daily in their social networks where it has 1 million followers. A hardworking girl who has more than 10 years of experience in the world of influencers and has become an IT Girl.

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1st of August 2019 . @dior #suppliedbydior

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This girl of 25 years, born in Sweden and with Moroccan roots has become one of the bloggers of the moment and we could not stop including her in our top ten. Model, influencer, designer, businesswoman … live life to the fullest and take every opportunity to fulfill your dreams while having fun.

He started his blog 10 years ago. A window in which to show his daily life as a teenager that little by little was growing in number of followers becoming a reference in Sweden and, years later, in the rest of the world. It has more than 1.8 million followers.

He has collaborated in the design of collections, currently his designs are supported by the company H & M and he has participated in television programs.


Everything Aida Domenech plays becomes gold. A claim for dozens of firms that know that having it is a safe and successful bet. This Spanish, which has more than 2.6 million followers on their social networks, started with her blog in 2009, it was like a hobby that has now become her work and her way of life. Dulceida has won several awards as a best blogger.

And it has become a reference for teenagers and young people who follow their lives minute by minute.

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Fantasía ✨

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Wendy is an American and if she had been a child she would have been told that her life was going to take a radical turn, I never would have imagined it. And is that his childhood was not all easy. After spending a few years in a center for children and their jobs in different high schools, he saved enough to study Psychology at the University of California.

Since then, everything has gone better and Wendy, in addition to worrying about social needs and juvenile justice, has made her blog her window to the outside in which she shows her outfits and her taste for fashion. With a million followers, Wendy thanks her nearby people for the help she has received to become what she is today.


Nicole Warne is one of the world’s leading influencers. His fashion, travel and lifestyle career captivates more than 2 million followers.

Born in Australia, Nicole launched her blog in 2009 that she combined with her work in other media and studios. She currently collaborates with different brands such as creative director, media consultant and digital strategist.

Since 2015, she is a digital consultant for an Australian airline. He has worked with L’Oreal and other equally relevant brands. It has also appeared on the most relevant covers of fashion magazines.

The lives of these girls are intense lives, envied by many, copied by others. 10 referents of fashion and lifestyle that are all an example of what online life commands and that social networks have become essential.

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