Rose makeup brushes

Rose makeup brushes? But wait a little bit. This is way much better, because this kind of roses, are forever. Make-up brushes with rose shape. Pink, green, halo. Make makeup funnier with this kind of brushes inspired by the favorite magical fairy tales and movies, very functional and stylish. It is like our dreams come true.

Rose makeup brushes

            This kind of brushes are not ordinary. They have ombre, pinky slash white color on one and purple slash black color on the others. Also gorgeous and very realistic green metal handles. You can see on them where the thorns should have been, with cute little leafs,

             They can be used like the classical ones, suitable for powder formula, cream or liquid make up. One set includes a variety of brushes for foundation, blush and highlighter. Also, they can be washed and bristles will maintain their beautiful pink and violet color.             You can buy them for yourself and décor your makeup collection, or you can give them as a gift for your closes friends or loved ones

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