Shelving Unit, Black – Less is more

Yes, it is said maybe a little too often nowadays that less is more, however, if you are thinking of decorating a room, and especially if you are on a budget, you surely will understand the practical and real meaning of the saying less is more. Shelving Unit

So, to get to talk about this product, first, we should take a look into a little home design basics, shall we?

These days the modern trends are actually not that complex, and while it may not be for everybody, one of the most popular styles in home decor right now could be the minimalist style. You probably have heard the term Material Design, mostly used for the interface of your smartphone or computer. Well, minimalist home decor goes by some of the same basics.

Color Palette

Choosing the color palette for your room is not really that hard, what may actually be harder would be finding the right furniture for your room. Creating a minimalist interior is really all about the base color you choose. The favorite color for minimalist homeowners is probably what “greige” which is a combination of beige and gray.

Choosing the base color does not mean that you will limit to this color only. It means that it is the base layer of your new room so you can go two ways from here, choosing a contrasting color or a keep using the base color. While it may be “calming” to the eye to keep using the same base color throughout all the furniture it can become pretty boring to the eye in no time, more suitable for an exhibition than for a home.

Contrast is the way to go, using greige means you’ll get a nice contrast from all the stronger colors, namely black for example.

Keeping it simple

Whether it is your room or living room, you will realize that you are going to need storage. Keeping it minimalist means choosing the furniture you can get the most from, while also taking the less. This shelving unit is excellent for this purpose since it is actually so simple, it manages to be actually very stylish.

Whether you choose greige to be your base color or not, there is something you can be sure of, black goes well with pretty much any color, that means this shelving unit can adapt pretty well with most base colors, and if it does not, you can always paint some details on it, thanks to it not having any complex design it can be very adaptable, which, then again, is one of the fundamentals of minimalist home decor.

Things to keep in mind

Using the minimalist decor requires to change one thing about your consuming behavior, and it is that it asks us to live by a “one in – one out” basis. You should never overpopulate a minimalist design with too many things and/or furniture.

Even when we don’t realize it, there is a lot of “stuff” cluttering around our room. The main strong point of this shelving unit is that it actually forces you to encourage this behavior. Thanks to its limited storage capability, it makes you choose carefully what you are putting on display. And thanks to its dimensions, you can even put more than one of these units into the same room and it will not even make it heavier.

Where to put it?

Location, location, location… Location is everything in all styles of room decor. For this last aspect, we are going to be talking into more decor styles than just minimalism.

We’ve already mentioned the adaptability of this unit, that means you can use it into many styles of home decor. You can locate this shelving unit pretty much anywhere in your room. Thanks to its various levels it serves great as a display for all kinds of collections.

It can be used as a bookshelf on its own or even be adapted to serve as an expansion for already existing furniture in your room, it is easy to transform it into an exhibition shelve, a bookshelf or even to put some plants on it, thanks to being so “less” it is so much “more” than what it appears to be.

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