Teddy Coat & Short Sets

Teddy Coat
Teddy Coat

Teddy Coat One of the most important things for a good night`s sleep is recreating the right sleep environment. That contains, good and comfortable bed, good placement of the light and temperature, and last but not least, cozy pajamas.

            Who says that you can`t look good while you are sleeping? This gorgeous piece of clothing is a “must have” in your closet. The most important is that you can wear them like pajamas when you sleep, or like trousers when you are at home.

Teddy Coat.  It contains three pieces, top shirt, short bottoms, and long sleeve top. They are fluffiest and most comfortable clothing, perfect for autumn, winter and even in the spring. The top shirt, you can wear it with jeans and no one will ever know your secret. Also, you can use, separately the top long sleeve shirt, with other combinations. So, with this trio, you can have more than you could think. Just use your imagination and have fun with it.

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